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Space Metamodern

"We are stardust."
What is Space Metamodern?
"At the end of 2018, I created my first painting with a woman in a space helmet.
Now I have over 200 paintings in my collection.
I create a universe with people in helmets and tell a unique story. My characters look at ordinary life through the prism of space, scale and infinity.

From childhood, I was interested in space.
It attracted me with scale, infinity, energy and emptiness.
Globally speaking, space keeps the secrets of our past and gives hope for the future!
We all came from stardust, and over time we will turn into it."
Anna Polani
I'm a multimedia artist and my practice spans multiple mediums including oil painting, digital illustration, AI graphics, video, and AR sculpture.
My parents wanted me to become an engineer; the study of mathematics and physics has always been and remains a part of me. These experiences influence my creative process and I integrate new technologies and scientific concepts into my works.

My main source of inspiration is space. I'm fascinated by the idea that we humans come from stardust and will eventually become it. This concept permeates my work, I strive to combine subjects from modern life with astrophysics and quantum mechanics. I use photos from social networks as a starting point, adding elements related to science and technology, mathematical and physical formulas. This creates a characteristic dynamic in my works.
My work often shows the process of creating an object: paint runs, cross-outs, traces of other mediums, digital distortions and artifacts. These elements serve as a reminder that imperfections and mistakes are the natural nature and course of life. Every detail in my works, be it a digital anomaly or a random spot of paint, has its role.

My art combines elements of conceptualism and metamodernism. I use vivid images of modern culture, giving them depth through scientific concepts. It creates a complex set of images and ideas, asking questions about our role in the world and the universe.
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